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The Legal Compliance Manager is a Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) compliance service. The website includes a comprehensive catalogue of HS&E legislation, including HS&E Acts, HS&E regulations and HS&E orders that apply to the UK home nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Legislation entries are written in plain English by the Green Business Centre’s team of experienced environmental practitioners.

The Legal Compliance Manager incorporates several key features to help businesses achieve of third party certification audits, such as ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and Green Dragon. Through the bespoke system design, the interactive website allows users to create, develop and maintain a register of compliance obligations with ease, removing the stress, cost and time involved in trawling through irrelevant regulatory requirements. The service also incorporates an Aspects Register and Risk Assessment Matrix, enabling you to identify your organisation’s significant environmental impacts and aspects, and health and safety risks.

Subscribe To Legislation

The Legal Compliance Manager includes a comprehensive catalogue of HS&E legislation. Create a subscription that is applicable to your organisation’s specific requirements. If you need help in determining a subscription, give the Green Business Centre a call on 02920 344049 or email and we will be happy to help.

Interpret Requirements

Our dedicated and experienced team of HS&E practitioners have translated complicated and difficult to interpret environmental regulations, environmental orders and environmental acts into plain English summaries. Scroll down to basic requirements while viewing an entry to gain a quick understanding of the HS&E legal requirements.


Evaluate Your Performance

Determine your conformance with HS&E legal requirements and upload applicable information to your Register of Compliance Obligations. If you need assistance on evaluation of compliance, have you considered our legal compliance audits?

Keep Updated

We monitor all new and upcoming developments, ensuring you are kept up-to-date with constantly changing HS&E regulations, environmental orders and environmental acts. HS&E updates are posted on the website, social media and our monthly e- newsletter.