Halogen bulbs to be banned

Halogen bulbs are set to be banned across the EU to drive energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

From September 2018, an effective ban will come into force on non-directional halogen lamps such as the standard pear or candle bulb shaped lamps. This ban follows on from the 2016 ban on directional halogen lamps and the 2009 ban on incandescent bulbs. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that the typical halogen bulb uses £11 of electricity a year while a replacement LED would use only £2. LEDs also have a considerably longer life span. Shops will be permitted to sell their remaining stock but will not be allowed to reorder more.

Draft EU Eco-design Regulations propose compact fluorescent lamp bulbs and tungsten halogen lamps are to be banned across the EU from 2020 while introducing the requirement that light sources must be removable from its fitting in order to drive the circular economy.