IEMA Approved Sustainable Procurement (UK)

The Sustainable Procurement 1- day course enables those in both the public and private sectors to develop a greater understanding of the principals and processes of sustainable procurement and in particular how to integrate environmental considerations into the procurement process, providing practical advice on achieve this and the sustainability of products and services.

The opportunities and barriers to integrating sustainability issues into procurement process.

Current environmental concerns and how they relate to organisational activities.

Key tools available to the procurement officer to help integrate sustainability issues into the procurement process.

How some of the tools available work and can be used within private and public sector organisations.

Course content

  • Overview of sustainable procurement.
  • The benefits of sustainable procurement.
  • Keys and barriers to sustainable procurement.
  • Sustainable Procurement Public Policy Drivers.
  • Sustainable Procurement Flexible Framework (SPFF).
  • Environmental trends.
  • Product or Service Environmental Impact Identification.
  • Green Procurement Implementation.
  • The Procurement Process.
  • Environmental Technical Specifications- Key Tools Available to Help.
  • Sustainable Procurement Prioritisation Tool- Key Tools Available to Help.

Who should attend?

Procurement Officers and Procurement Administrators.

Buyers and supply chain analysts.

Outcome and Qualification

On successful completion of the course delegates will be awarded a Green Business Centre registered certificate.

Prices and Dates

Prices are from £295 plus VAT, and are dependent on the location. For the latest dates, please see our main website.

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